With the Force of Nature.

JAGDHUND embodies style and functionality. We both exceed and set exceptional goals for ourselves, and strive towards creating new brands alongside our development team. Our love of nature and ideals for the future has a large part to play in these innovative goals. The JAGDHUND development team has since successfully created its own range of materials, adding unique value to each product.

We rely on the purest aspects and forces of nature to aid in our research and development for these remarkable products. We have four exclusive materials that have been created so far: ARTUTEX, ROBUR-BAND, CAMPAK-LODEN, and ALPAK-LODEN. Each unique material transforms the natural strengths of our environment into incomparable benefits for our hunting products.


We have developed a high-tech material for spring and summer that is as reliable as they come. ARTUTEX is a double Ripstop fabric with uniquely strong design qualities. This material is extremely difficult to tear and protects from thorns, abrasion, and mosquito bites. However, it is also breathable and quiet, as well as water and dirt resistant.


ROBUR-BAND is an incredible material that forms a barrier against weather. The triple ROBUR sewing technique enables jackets and pants made of ALPAK-LODEN to be produced without a lining. This yields many advantages, such as greater freedom of movement and an insulated, weatherproof structure, while still being lightweight and compact.

JAGDHUND Loden Materials - Natural High-Tech

Our development process already begins with particular material selection. In doing so, we utilize the qualities of animal wool to make our loden indispensable as a natural, functional material. It is thermally insulating and breathable, as well as water, snow, and dirt resistant. The course structure of the wool fiber traps air, which reduces heat exchange from the material itself. This creates an insulating effect, perfect for heat and cold, which also keeps the skin dry and warm. Water droplets roll off from the wool’s grease lanolin, and snow can easily be dusted off. Dirt can also be brushed off when dry.


ALPAK-LODEN features the finest sheep’s wool that has been processed together with alpaca wool. This combination guarantees another level of strength and toughness. The interior is also roughened, allowing for more comfort when used as a lining. This material reduction also makes it lightweight in addition to creating pleasant, thermo-regulating climate zones against the body. Products made from ALPAK-LODEN allow you to enjoy wool all year round.


CAMPAK-LODEN joins the finest sheep’s wool and camel hair. This combination further extends the durability and robust qualities of an already incredible line of products. The valuable benefits of the camel hair effect the body’s climate, has an increased abrasion resistance, and is noticeably lighter weight. CAMPAK-LODEN is a high-performing functional loden, used for the more extreme hunting conditions.